Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation (2009)


I call this one, "Don't mess with Christian Bale!" Bale, who is now a proven actor according to all reports, really shone through in this. He plays the mythical John Connor, leader of the resistance. In this, he is a highly trained assassin and military operative who is able to fight the evil robots with great poise.

From the beginning of the movie he is diving and rappelling down caves, flying helicopters and beating down terminators with his bare hands.

"I am John Connor, leader of the resistance", he annonces to the people listening to his frequent radio broadcasts that keep the resistance against the machines going.

This takes place in a post-appocalyptic setting wherein most major cities have been destroyed and the machines patrol day and night. Humans are forced into hiding.

What I liked:
- The robots made a great sound. They had a tremendous sound as they were attacking that earlier terminator movies lacked.
-Bryce Dallas Howard as the pregnant resistance wife.
-The fact that the resistance floated around in submarines. I thought that was very interesting.

Overall I would give this movie a B+ with another notch in Christian Bale's belt of things he can do.