Latest Episode of Cinegeoff Podcast Sees Spike In Listeners, According to Donald Trump.

On Novermber 15, 2016 Ty Mclemore and Geoffrey Altrocchi, the creators, sponsors, producers, fathers, mothers and main contributors of the Cinegeoff Podcast, recorded an episode entitled,  “How Trump outmaneuvered the Left and the Media to Win”, which can be found here:

This was, of course, recorded just a week after Trump beat out Hillary Clinton,Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and other candidates to become the 45th President of the United States.

Word came into Cinegeoff headquarters this week that the main subject of that Podcast, Trump himself, had listened to the podcast and was ECSTATIC over it. This was confirmed by various sources close to the Cinegeoff Podcast.

When asked what he thought of being the main subject of that particular episode, which in the past has focused on anything from Justin Beiber to the Occult, Trump responded:

“It’s great, just great! Quite possibly the best podcast . . . ever. .  .. “ Trump bellowed. “They chose a very timely and poignant topic! These two have their heads on tighter than the nambi pambi liberal media. They actually have something to say!”

When asked if he thought the podcast would attract thousands of listeners, Trump said, “Indeed. it will get at least a million. In fact, it already it has!” When asked if he could provide circumstantial proof, he deferred the question over to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who reiterated that it had.

When asked for proof, Spicer signaled that he had a timely appointment and dashed into the White House restroom.

Back at Cinegeoff headquarters, Geoff was lifting weights and Ty was honing his knife-throwing skills. The two basked in what was clearly an imaginary audience of over a million listeners.

“If we actually had that many listeners,” Altrocchi said between reps, wiping sweat off of his brow, “we would have sponsors, our own studio, T-shirts and be vying to land on a major network!”

“Indeed,” McLemore said, while wiping the perspiration off of Geoff’s chest. “That was just Trump sounding his own horn, but we were certainly flattered that HE was flattered!”

The Cinegeoff Podcast

Dear listeners of the Cinegeoff Podcast,
     Thank you for your support. The creators of the Cinegeoff Podcast, namely Ty Mclemore and Geoffrey Altrocchi, put a lot of work and thought into the Cinegeoff Podcast. Sometimes we don't get to talking about all the ideas that we want to talk about. The ideas listed below are some suggestions meant to jump start a discussion, as to what we should talk about next. If you have an opinion or want to hear us to talk about something in particular, please comment below, e-mail us at, or call us at 1(323)606-1318.

We try to be timely, but we have to always be interesting!

Possible Topics To Be Covered:

1. Flooding in Los Angeles.

2. What happened with all the floods in Los Angeles? Interstate 5, one of the most important Interstates in Los Angeles, and THE most important artery for transportation in Los Angeles, was shut down because of flooding. Two people died because they drove into a flood in Victorville. One man died because he was stalled in a flood, and then electrocuted by a downed power line.
     Huge engineering weaknesses in the Los Angeles roads were revealed during the flooding on Friday. Who is to blame? Garcetti? (who by the way is up for reelection). Chris Christie?

3. Why aren't there better jokes about Harrison Ford's almost crashing into a commercial flight? Who is to blame?

4. Trump's rally in Melbourne, Fla. How many mullets did you spot?

5. What the heck is Justin Beiber up to?

Possible Guests
6. I want to talk to whoever it was who organized the march in downtown LA about immigration on Saturday.

7. Han Salo dishes on all things star wars, and also how modern bathrooms bother him! And also the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy, and his review of the Slave Leia bikini, as well as how he really felt about Chewie, and how he dealt with the smell on intergalactic journeys with his wookie companion, and how badly he wanted to punch those Ewoks. Also, what he thought about the Ewok music!

8. Lando Calrissian, his tell-all interview and how he felt like he was singled out a lot even in a galaxy far far away, a long time ago. What it's like being black and being pulled over in space.  His advice for black drivers and his opinion of the black rights movement, also, his opinion on whether Key and Peele stole from Dave Chapelle. Also, his opinion on Avacadoes and whether or not they are too fattening.
     Also, how he had to take out a huge storage space just to store his female fan letters, and how he felt about the slave Leia bikini and how Leia actually hit on him a lot when the cameras weren't around.  Also, he admits how did actually punch many ewoks in the face when people weren't looking, and why shouldn't he?!

8. Need to review the new King Kong movie.

The Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Season 5, Episode 3) 11 Oct. 1963

Director: Richard Donner

Lead Actors: William Shatner, Christine White, Ed Kemmer

Producer: Bret Granet

Plot Synopsis:
Salesman Bob Wilson boards a plane heading west from the east coast with his wife Julia Wilson. He is nervous and we realize that up until recently, he has been in a sanitarium recovering from his last nervous breakdown, that he had while on a plane trip to the east coast.

But the Wilsons seem prepared and ready for a fresh start. Julia Wilson has plenty of sleeping pills and positive reinforcement for Bob who gets visibly more nervous and upset as the plane takes off the runway and climbs into the air.

On top of it all, Wilson has a window seat! This window seat happens to be the one that looks onto the wing of the plane.

Perhaps in an effort to calm himself, Bob Wilson pulls back the mini drape on the window. 

It is an awful stormy night, and it is hard to make anything out. But, at a certain point, he sees what looks like an abominable snow man on the wing of the air plane.

Nobody believes Bob, and they blame Bob's vision on his nervousness and general upset disposition. Meanwhile, each time Bob looks out the window, there he is, this creature walking on the plane's wing, looking in the window and generally taunting him.

Who Would Like it and Why
This must have been a huge break for William Shatner. He is young and does a great job in it as well. He has not sunken into that groove of over acting that he became famous for in the Star Trek television show and subsequent movies.

He made this man on the wing and the threat that it presented very very real!

This is a very engaging episode of a very popular show. Possibly it is one of the most popular episodes as it was later recreated with John Lithgow in the titular role in 1983. 

Who Might not Like it and Why 
People who have a fear of flying might take offense. 

Highlights/Top Scenes
There is a scene when the abominable snow man's face is right up against the airplane window as Shattner pulls back the drape. It is funny and scary at the same time. 

Three Mike and Ikes

Hotel Transylvania 2 (Just in time for Jan. 12 Blue Ray DVD Release)

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky        

Lead Actors: Adam Sandler,
 Andy Samberg,
 Selena Gomez,
 Kevin James, Steve Buscemi,
David Spade, Keegan-Michael Key, Fran Drescher,  Megan Mullally, Dana Carvey, Mel Brooks, Chris Kattan, Jon Lovittz

Producer: Allen Covert

Plot Synopsis: Dracula, played by Adam Sandler, is now a successful Hotel Owner and Manager in Transylvania. He has employed all of his old friends at the hotel, including Dracula, The Blob, Frankenstein, Werewolf, The Invisible Man and many, many more.

Much to Dracula's chagrin, he has also had to employ Jonathan, his dopey new son-in-law from Santa Cruz, played by Andy Samberg.

Jonathan has an easy, vague marketing/human resources job under Dracula at the Hotel. He continues to recommend humanizing the hotel a little more, and Dracula keeps turning him down. This is a theme that will appear some more in the movie.

The big news in this second installment is that Dracula's daughter, Mavis, played by Selena Gomez is pregnant.

This excites everyone. It also creates tension because Dracula is desperate to extend his family lineage, and it appears as if Jonathon and Mavis' child may be his only opportunity to do this.

When the child comes out a boy, this is good. But Dracula wants more. He wants to know if the child will be a human who turns into  a vampire, or just a human. The child, at first, doesn't show any signs of being anything more than a very sweet human boy.

Dracula, restless, takes matters into his own hands by trying to scare the fangs out of the boy. This, he says, is a trick his father Vlad used on him.

Dracula gathers all of his cronies: Wolf Man, Zombie, The Blob, The Invisible Man and they embark on a road trip. The purpose of the road trip is to help the boy become his true monster self. It becomes apparent though that the road trip doubles as a way for these monsters to rediscovers their youthful monster selves. 

Dracula et al romp through the great Transylvania area, and visit all their own "haunts". Dracula and his friends try to show the boy the "virtues" of being part monster by revisiting their own ghoulish pasts.  

Who Would Like it and Why
Sandler fans. Also fans of Robert Smigel. This was co-written by Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler, who first teamed together so many years ago at Saturday Night Live. Smigel was a mentor to Sandler when Sandler first worked for the show. Later, Smigel went on to head write for Conan O'Brien. Smigel, who created "Ace and Gary, the ambiguously Gay Duo"
and a cartoon about dead presidents saving the day while with Saturday Night Live is a highly decorated comedy writer.

Sander and Smigel find the funny in Transylvania, all the while making this a family movie with adult nods and asides. This is definitely a movie they can proudly show to their children.

The animation was good and showing the monster's soft and gooey sides proved to much fun for these comedy pros!

Who Might not Like it and Why
In the past, many have found Adam Sandler
 to be obnoxious as the lead in his own movies. He has out-aged his good looks and let's face it, his acting chops were never that great. Here he does an OK job as the voice of Dracula, the doting and overbearing grandfather.

Highlights/Top Scenes
Dracula thinks that he will get his grandchild to fly for the first time by throwing him off a very high up structure. 

He throws the kid off and the kid doesn't show any signs of flying so Dracula has to dive down and catch the child who is hurling towards earth. This is all caught on several smart phones and a social media mash-up  is made from the incident.

All of Dracula's monster friends are overweight and past their prime, and about as scary as Teddy Bears. The werewolf has literally exchanged his tattered clothing of a man turned into a beast for a white shirt, tie and pants. He also has a littler of 300 puppies who have worn him thin. He walks with a hunched back and a slightly resigned way about him.

The blob proves to be critical in the plot as he can carry anything inside of him and also can be blown up into a giant flying raft.

Gomez is great as Mavis, the still youthful and exuberant yet careful and doting mother.

Three Mike and Ikes.

The Defiant Ones

Director: Stanley Kramer

Lead Actors: Sydney Poitier, Tony Curtis, Theodore Bikel

Producer: Stanley Kramer

Plot Synopsis: The movie opens, as all great movies do, on a rainy night. Two men are driving a prison work crew back to prison. They sit in the front of the bus, trying desperately to make out the road!  Then we hear singing in the back. The singing is coming from Noah Cullen, played by Sydney Poitier, a black prisoner who is part of the chain gang.

We find that he is chained to John "Joker" Jackson, a white prisoner. Apparently, in these days, this was uncommon.

What happens next is a crash in the rain. By the time the authorities arrive at the crash site, we realize that some died, some are being taken to the hospital, but that two inmates were set free by the crash, and they escaped.

As a hunting party is organized, the warden tells the Sheriff over the phone not worry, because "they'll kill each other" before anyone finds them.

Then the camera cuts to Cullen and Jackson running for their dear life with a five foot chain connecting them, attached to their wrists by handcuffs on each of their hands.

The warden is right, during their daring escape, they almost kill each other more than once. Then other people try to kill them. Then the elements try to kill them. These two are up against the greatest of odds.

Their biggest challenge ends up being the centuries of social programming that tells them whites aren't supposed to get along with blacks.

Who Would Like it and Why
People who like movies about people. This movie centers not only on the two prisoners and the humanity they might or might not have hidden under their rough exterior, but also the Sheriff Max Muller whose job it is to find them. As the two make their way through the countryside, we meet a bloodthirsty mob, a compassionate former convict, a young boy and a very lonely widow.

Without ever getting to preachy, we get to  see these people through the eyes of the prisoners for a short time.  We get to see how they act under an extraordinary circumstance - it's not every day a biracial set of convicts comes to visit.

Sydney Poitier Fans
Sydney Poitier is a dynamic, good looking actor who was doing his thing before Denzel Washington had even left his mom's house. He always said he would never play a character demeaning to his people, and he safeguards that oath here in this movie. Poitier gives Cullen a quiet dignity, and reveals a bit of  soul underneath the terrible prison garb.

Tony Curtis Fans

Image result for Tony Curtis
Image result for Tony Curtis

The father of Jamie Lee Curtis. He displays great range in this character study movie.
Image result for Jamie Lee Curtis

Who Might not Like it and Why
Well, this movie is in black and white, and it moves a little slower. But it is solid!

Highlights/Top Scenes
The Posse that Sheriff Muller assembles has some pretty interesting yet blood thirsty characters in it. There is the guy in charge of the dogs who is more protective of his K9s then he is the prisoner. Then there is the temporarily deputized hillbilly who insists on playing rock and roll music on the radio during the entire chase.

Bikel's relaxed pace as the Sheriff, then his mounting intensity as he realizes his job might be on the line if he doesn't catch these men is interesting to watch as well.

Three Mike and Ikes.