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Co-hosts Geoff Altrocchi and Ty McLemore produce a timely podcast where the two wax poetic about movies, entertainment-related news, historical pieces, paranormal activity and current events.

Specific guests also appear and give their insights and collective wisdom on topics often as varied as themselves. 

Since entertainment and food go together like hookers and STD's, the duo broadcasts live at McDonalds, located in the heart of Hollywood at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Vine.

Podcasts may be played directly on the site or downloaded as an MP3 or WAV file and played on a cell phone or computer.


In the 1950s the McDonald brothers plied their craft in making the area's tastiest burgers and fries at the ORIGINAL McDonald's fast-food restaurant in San Bernardino, CA. A young Jack H. Brown frequently visited the outlet by riding his bicycle 10 blocks from his home at 2nd and "G" streets.


Brown ( pictured above ) is the CEO of Stater Bros. Supermarkets, a $3.7 billion dollar grocery chain with 167 stores throughout southern California. As a young adult he worked in a coffee shop called Sages, which was several blocks from their restaurant. The brothers would visit daily for breakfast and his stimulating conversation.


Below is my interview with Brown regarding the brothers and their indelible, ever-lasting impact on the fast food industry.


9/5/13 - Jack H. Brown, CEO of Stater Bros. and His Friendship with the McDonald Bros.


9/14/13 - McDonald's Unfair Targeting by Patrons and Gov't About Being Unhealthy

9/21 - Fukushima Disaster and Mainstream Media's Failure to Address It 

10/6 - Terrorist Attack on Kenyan Mall and Twitter's Use by Both Sides

10/20 - Geoff and Ty's Collective, Crazy Experiences While Living in L.A.

11/1/13 - The Shooting of TSA Agents at LAX and Capture of the Suspect

11/10/13 - Brando, Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson Flee 9/11 in Rental Car

11/10/13 - Villaraigosa New Herbalife Spokesman; Pinkberry Co-founder Convicted in Bum Beating

11/10/13 - Pinkberry Co-founder Convicted in L.A. Bum Beating. Part II 




12/7/13 - Fiery Car Crash and Death of Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker

 12/7/13 - The Majority of Black Producers/Actors Who Perpetuate Stereotypical Films

1/18/14 - "Duck Dynasty" Fallout After Phil Robertson's Comments on Gays and Bestiality   

Fred in 2013 at age 50; Fred With Unidentified Woman

1/25/14 - Tribute To My Friend Fred, His Unique Personality and Look on Life





1/25/14 - Rodman In North Korea and Sherman Ranting on T.V. - Both Stir Controversy 


2/5/14 - Has mega-star, mega-hottie Lupe Fuentes Joined the Cast of Cinegeoff??? 

3/16/14 - Debut of Ty's Super Duper Natural segment. Roswell UFO Crash of 1947 Is Discussed.

Stanton Friedman is an academic heavyweight in the field of Ufology, having lectured at more than 600 colleges worldwide, written numerous books on the subject and was the original civilian investigator of the now-infamous Roswell Incident in Roswell, New Mexico.

Additionally, he is a Nuclear Physicist having worked for such entities as GM, Westinghouse and McDonnell Douglas on highly advanced and classified projects regarding nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various nuclear power plants for potential use in space exploration.

His website can be accessed at

Robbie Rist is a lifelong actor and musician who has done numerous voice-over, television and movie roles, but is perhaps best known for his iconic stint on the television series The Brady Bunch. 

Originally cast by the network to play Cousin Oliver and potentially extend the show's duration, after only 6 episodes, he, along with his Brady cohorts were given their termination papers.

While adding an adorable child to a show to boost ratings had been done previously, Rist's character seemed to embody the practice - thus the "Cousin Oliver Syndrome" was born.

Rist, whom I found to be very astute, well-adjusted and hilariously funny, gives his take on the show, his life and perhaps, what television may be in the not-so-distant future.

09/01/14 - Interview with Brady Bunch TV star Robbie Rist - aka - Cousin Oliver

09/14/14 - NFL's Ray Rice Termination over Domestic Violence and Its Repercussions for the League 

David Sheng, pictured above and with celebrity Paris Hilton, is a longtime political activist and graduate of California State University at Northridge. Originally from China, he has literally lived half of his life there and the other half in the United States.

He joins us to discuss one of his many endeavors as an activist and gives us specific details about his group's latest protest regarding the "Taking Big Money Out of Politics" movement.

12/9/14 - Guest David Sheng Speaks on Protests He Is Involved In 

Comedienne and Actress Alex Powers phones in and guest 
Rigo M., pictured above with rapper LL Cool J.


Justin Bieber Ringtone Scares Away Attacking Bear:



Samples of Patrick's Work 

9/14/15 - Cinegeoff Staff Discuss Their Past Transgressions and Pay-to-Stay Prisons

9/21/15 - Geoff and Ty's Crazy Experiences While Living in L.A. Part II 

9/28/15 - Our Review of the Latest Mission Impossible and Tom Cruise's Stellar Performance

10/19/15 - Cinegeoff Interviews Sly Stallone in Advance of His New Movie "Creed."  

10/23/15 - The Dynamics of Interracial Dating and The "Forbidden Fruit" Syndrome 

11/1/15 - Comedienne Alex Powers Joins Cinegeoff in Discussing Sikhs, Sexless Nuns and Topical News 

11/1/15 - Comedienne Alex Powers Joins Cinegeoff in Discussing Favorite Movies and Pay Disparities  

11/15/16 - How Trump Outmaneuvered The Left and The Media To Win

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11/2/17 - Ongoing Kaepernick NFL Protest Debate; Boyle Heights Controversy; Funny Headlines  


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