Producer: Priyath Costa

Actors: David Goodsell, Rachel Lynn David

Synopsis:Society seems to punish unfaithful men with a light slap on the wrist, which might as well be a high five as they jump back into the ring for another foray, leaving emotional destruction in their path. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Usher, Kobe Bryant, David Letterman - they are all major offenders in this category. After they humiliate their wives publicly, they move on with their careers and simply get new girlfriends – all the while donning the same impish grin. . .  

Enter Locked – a production by Priyath Costa - wherein the cheating man gets his just deserts! John, a successful business man has yet again cheated on his loving wife who is away on business. As he wakes up from a night of extra –marital fun, it looked again like he will get away with it – until he looks down and realizes his mistress has left him with a very unusual . . . present.
Pressed for time, John, played by a believable Devin Goodsell, realizes he must undo this sophisticated, complex trap - his latest conquest has set for him. He employs the help of a female locksmith, Hannah, played by the perky and exuberant Rachel Lynn David, to undo this cumbersome gift . Equipped with all her tools, even the master locksmith realizes she is in for more than she bargained for.
As the clock clicks down and Hannah uses all of her tools available to her – the two become unlikely partners in a meditation on adultery, its addictive nature, and its long lasting wide - ranging effect it has on all those involved.
Locked, which was directed and written by Lakpathy Wijesekara, has unintentional undertones of James Wan’s horror series Saw, as man-made contraptions trap people in a way that forces them to change their bad habits.
At the same time, the movie manages to be very, very funny. Hannah’s incredulity and then eventual astonishment as she realizes that John isn’t just hitting on her but that he has a real problem - is a prime example of the humor that keeps this from being a drab morality play.  
Both under pressure and under the gun for slightly different reasons – Goodell and David’s John and Hannah work off each other well. And, although their relationship never becomes conjugal, they are able to maintain a subtle sexual tension during the entire encounter which helps keep the viewer’s eyes locked.
Wijesekara does a skillful job of poking fun at a heavy subject matter and also keeping the movie light, but we’re still subjected to the pain on John’s face caused by remorse and well. .. his predicament.
Shot in a deluxe apartment in Beverly Hills, the set is delightful and it embodies John’s success in life, his power and his capacity for manipulation. It’s easy to believe how this sleek apartment might turn into a convenient love shack once John’s long-suffering wife has left the premises.
Wijesekara and Director of Photography Brandon James exhibit well thought-out blocking and they manage to keep a potentially r-rated script comfortably PG-13.
In the end, Locked functions as a sort of parable for young couples. It is a breath of fresh air, and would function well as the beginning of a series of like parables to pitch to a network like Lifetime that has a reputation for punishing bad men– just a thought!
Locked is a treat. It is reflective, funny, and informative and showcases the talents of two new- comers. Come see this gem you won’t be able unlock your gaze until the credits roll!
Who Might Like It
People who are fan of light love movies, and sexy comedies.

Who Might Not Like It
MEN WHO ARE UNFAITHFUL TO THEIR WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: Three Mike and Ikes