Director:  Steven Speilberg

Lead Actors:  Daniel Day Lewis, David Stratham, Sally Field

Plot Synopsis:

Quite possibly one of the best films in a long time, coming from the modern day film-making master Steven Spielberg.

A history lesson from the heart. This epic movie about one of our influential presidents covers a very short period in Lincoln’s life wherein he used all of his political game to pass the 13th amendment which would ensure equal rights for all men under the law.

This from the man who gave us Color Purple. This from the liberal-minded who was working long before Tyler, the man who gave us Amistad. Here Spielberg honors the man, who, more than most anyone else, gave African Americans a chance in this highly prejudiced country.

Many are the societies on this Earth who had slaves, fewer are those who freed them and integrated them among their own society! Most say that issue is what started the Civil War, the bloodiest American war ever between the North and the South.

Scenes of the Civil War are painstakingly depicted in Lincoln, as are the thousands and thousands of dead bodies. In fact, in one scene, we see a wheel barrow of limbs dumped into the ground. THIS IS NOT YOUR FOURTH GRADER’S HISTORY BOOK LESSON ABOUT ABE LINCON.

Abe Lincoln is brought to life by undoubtedly the greatest actor of our time, Daniel Day Lewis. The master. The only thing is, I would have to take the filmmaker’s word for it tgat Day Lewis was involved with this movie, because I didn’t see him once. What I did see was Lincoln, the man I’ve read about the man I’ve idolized since someone gave me my first penny. Finally, there he was, in the flesh.

And I’m thankful that I am old enough to understand that Lincoln was, first and foremost, a politician. A good man no doubt, but also a scheming politician. I thank my lucky stars that he did his bartering and manipulating for causes I believe in.
Because before there was Obama, and Karl Rove, and Bush and the Clintons, there people before us doing everything for the vote, being lobbied, being tested.

Highlights/Top Scenes
Spielberg’s depiction of the US House of Representatives was both funny and a little scary. They all seemed so flawed and average for representatives. So human! Who knows what I would be saying after a day spent in today's House of Congress!

It has to be stated here that Tommy Lee Jones was a standout as a proponent of abolition whose vote was key to Lincoln's mission of getting the 13th amendment passed. While there were many fine performances among the 135 speaking roles created by this move, my favorite was James Spader as a sloppy, gutted lobbyist who had his hand in making history.

In the end, this is an honest look at American Politics by the creator of Jurassic Park and Jaws that left this humble viewer full of hope!