Henry V -Laurence Olivier's

Henry V (1944)
The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France


Laurence Olivier

A special category and award was made for this movie by the Academy. What is so enthralling about this movie is how it starts, in a theatre of the round, the Globe perhaps. And you, as an audience member, yawn, not wanting to be involved in another lame Shakespeare play. But Olivier knew this. So quickly, as the gialogue progresses, we are thrown into the black, by that I mean there is a black back drop to the actors, as if they're in some sort of alternate universe.

Then, suddenly, if I remember correctly they are outdoors and then after that there are horses in full gallop hurling towards the camera. And then we are in a full fledged combat zone.

This is the play where the king goes and describes himself as a commoner (many say that's what Shakespeare or the Earl of Oxford, whoever directed these plays, did) and he goes to talk to his troops the night before a big battle. And I seem to remember there being a rousing speech and him motivating the troops.

Henry V, I think, was very much revered in his day. That is what I would say with my limited scope of history. If you are truly into film and acting, check out Laurence Olivier, don't be scared of him, he was in a movie with Dustin Hoffman in the seventies, and if you don't know who Dustin Hoffman is, God help you, but just think about Justin Bieber except a talented accomplished actor, with a big nose.

Rating Key:
1 Mike and Ike means this movie is not even worth the cost of a Mike and Ike's, let alone a movie ticket.
2. Two Mike and Ike's says pay the matinee price but don't expect miracles.
3. Three Mike and Ikes is a great movie you should see in the theatre if you can but then if not, you should rent.