Animal House

This movie was oddly appealing. James, from King of Queens, is always a blast. His physical comedy is second to none. I was able to believe that he had a real rapport with the animals, some of whom were real.

An interesting stand out to me as well was Joe Rogan, whom I had never ever seen in a fictional role. He was funny as James' competition who stood between him and the woman he wanted.

Goddess-like yet again was Rosario Dawson, who played a colleague of James' in the zoo. The choices of celebrities to do the voices were counter-intuitive too, which I liked. My favorite, I think, was Nick Nolte, as the main Gorilla's voice. He added personality to the character, and his gravelly voice added a sort of world weariness.

Overall, I would give this movie a B+. The only thing I didn't like about it was the weird soundtrack, and the sound seemed to have some issues. Also, the ending was weird. It had some continuity issues for sure, but definitely worth checking out.

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