Midnight In Paris

Midnight in Paris (2011)


Woody Allen

This movie was great. My Dad says Woody Allen is finally becoming to be a good director. Sheesh! I thought he was a good director for a long time now, always doing big things. Anyway, this movie is where it's at!

And it's official that it has now recieved a Golden Globe nod for Best Motion Picture comedy or musical! Wow. Imagine the luck!

Owen Wilson being his goofy self and a DP who is obsessed with Rachel Mcadam's ass. This movie had all the necessary Woody Allenisms with some real authentic charm of its own.

Owen Wilson is Woody Allen dumbed down. He is a charming characater and plays a Hollywood screenwriter who is in fact a hopeless romantic and completely in love with Paris.

"If I have to walk down another romantic boulevard I'm going to puke!" McAdams says at one point. She does not share his feelings about this place and for all we know, she wishes Paris would disappear.

Paris, for Wilson's character, plays a sort of time travel machine that allows him to travel to other epics so that he might compare them to his won.

Something about this movie was so still!

Apparently Owen Wilson was nominated for Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture