Blue Valentine -Oh How I love you Ryan Gosling

Blue Valentine (2010)


This was actually a really good movie. And this is coming from a guy who is just stark, raving sick of hearing about his highness Ryan Gosling. But, all said and done, there was a lot of great acting going on here!

How could there not be when you have Michelle Williams doing here thing. She played a fragile, vulnerable character who grows up into a woman who is torn between what seemed like true love and her current, stale circumstances.

Gosling, the fast loving free spirit starts out as a kid from Brooklyn who gets a job at a moving company and falls in love with a girl, to a devoted father who is confused by mixed messages and coldness from his wife.

The movie splits the two times in the couple's life - when they were courting, and then as they were married and they had years under them as a couple. How things changed, how things stayed the same.

More importantly, though, and what must be noted is the score is well placed, well-timed and magical. And the editing creates a very interesting view into a relationship. Camera work and lighting should also get a nod in this piece.

Also, the directing was spot on.