National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation (1989


John Hughes

This is my favorite of holiday movies and I have been known to order people to sit down and watch it. I think the laughs and the funniness are unparallelled. I know it's a little old fogey of me but tell me one modern movie that has this much funniness.

My favorite scenes are between Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid, the unwanted brother in law. I hope that I never turn into that guy.

Anyway, there is also a funny rottweiler that plays prominently. And his wife is always beautiful. But mostly it's just a really great ensemble movie. It has has Ray's Mom from Everyone Loves Raymond, showing off her comedic chops. When the family shows up at the door, the parents of each side, at the same time, the dread on Chevy Chase's face is classic. Just classic. People need to laugh during the holidays.

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