Frida (2002)


Julie Taymor


Hayden Herrera (book), Clancy Sigal (screenplay), and 3 more credits »
This was a great movie that got my dad to exclaim what a nice bust Salma Hayek had to which I responded where the F have you been the last ten years or so.

This was a great movie by Julie Taymore, that's right the one who is suing Spiderman. I wish I could have travelled back in time to warn her about that whole Spiderman debacle.

A debacle this was not though. This was a well thought out well paced and very colorful movie with Geoffrey Rush involved in a pivotal communist role which I won't give away except to say that he gets an axe through his head in the middle of Mexico.

Frida, a brilliant artist in her own right was sort of a victim of her big opaque husban Diego Rivera with whom she travelled the globe. He was always fooling around on her and it was sort of tragic how she let it happen. Anyway, this movie, of course, deserves probably an A.

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