Defiance (from Netflix)


Edward Zwick
Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell

Plot Synopsis

This movie starts in 1940 in rural Belarusse, as the Naxis are invading and killing jews and driving them from their homes. It centers around the Bielski brothers who learn early on in their movie that their family was betrayed and slaughtered by SS soldiers.

We first meet Zus Bielski, played by a stern-faced Liev Schreiber who hasn't looked this good and focused since "A Walk On The Moon" which was made several years ago. He is accompanied by Asael Bielski, played convincingly by Jamie Bell. Asael is a pivotal character and seems to play the conscience of the family throughout the movie.

These two Bielski brothers, aware of the gravity of the situation, decide to flee to the forest and find refuge there. They soon meet with Tuvia Bielski - a worthy competitor to Zus Bielski, and as the movie progresses their sibling rivalry will prove comforting amongst all of the chaos.

The Bielski brothers decide to take refuge in the woods where they have been playing "fort" and exploring in their whole lives. What they don't expect is to find that the woods are crowded. Other Jews have had similar ideas. The Bielski brothers, who seemed to be village goofballs and school drop outs in the normal world, soon take positions of leadership of a growing forest society.

The Nazis are always close behind, they are never safe, food is sparse and let us not forget about the harsh winters in that part of the world. The Bielskis will be challenged in just about every possible way as they try to survive to just one more day of freedom.

Who Would Like It
Any world war II  history buff will enjoy the movie's attention to historial and geographical detail. There are many fighting and war scenes from this director Edward Zwick who brought us Glory and Blood Diamond. I think that Daniel Craig fans would enjoy this as long as they know who won't be wearing any tuxedos and that there are absolutely NO martinis in this movie what so ever!

Sandout Scenes
There are a lot of war and fighting scenes with Schreiber, who decides to fight with the russians. There are several revenge scenes that are hard to take but will make you think. There are several "forest" relationships that bud amidst all the murder and mayhem that are touching.

Zwick paints a harrowing picture of this dark time in the world but manages to eek out some humanity and hope, just as his protaginists the Bielski brothers did.


 Three Mike and Ike packages out of a possible three. This is absolutely a must see.