Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"

IS Katie Perry the most powerful woman in pop music today? Well, most likely the real queen of musicland is sitting in some high-rise office building, she is some high-achieving, business-skirt wearing executive in her 50s.

But, on the surface, pop music is arguably ruled by the quirky Perry who has marched to the tune of her own drummer right up to the top of the billboards, time and time again.

In Perry's latest project, "Dark Horse," we meet Queen Perry in Ancient Egypt, striking poses and wearing outfits crazy enough to get the attention of Cleopatra herself. As in life, she employs legions of strong men who would let her walk across their backs on a rough patch of trail. In this video, these men are painted blue. An homage to her Smurfs 2 performance?

Perry first sits in the middle of a lavish boat being rowed by servants, then she sits and holds court at her throne in the desert. Again, she is surrounded by servants who are still painted blue but this time wearing golden calf masks.

Throughout the video, admirers come from all around to honor Perry and shower her with gifts. As soon as they do, Perry reduces them to sand with her special powers.

"So if you want to play with my jig, boy you should know what you're falling for,
Baby if you dare to do this, cuz I'm coming at you like a dark horse," Perry warns.

What is she saying? Who is this meant for?

Hard to say. This video is about as literal as her video for California Gurls, in which Snoop Doggy Dog and his gummy bear soldiers imprison Perry's friends with candy and it's up to Perry to set them free. When they are all free, Perry shoots whip cream out of her bra. Not exactly as linear as a video to an Aerosmith ballad.

But...who cares!? Katy's hot, the music is good, and her sets, whether live or video, are always bright, lively and vibrant.

Is Katy, in this video, describing her tumultuous relationships with men? Her most recent playtoy from her stable has been singer John Mayer.

Is she issuing a warning to MAJOR PLAYER MAYER who goes through women quicker than he does guitar strings to not break her heart? Is she saying she's as dangerous as any player? What is the penalty for cheating on or otherwise humiliating Perry?

To answer this question we tried to locate comedian and former Perry fiancee Russel Brand, who could not be fished out of obscurity by press time.

Who knows! An analytical mind could get stuck on these videos and songs for decades, but then they would be missing the point - it's Katy -and to be taken as such.

It's better to pay attention to the music and how it makes you feel. Does Katy's music make you want to move? Do people scream when it her songs come on at a club? Do you find yourself driving around your block one more time if one of her songs come on the radio as you're pulling in to your parking spot? Check, check and triple check with this hitmaker of infinite power.

"Dark Horse" is supposed to take place in "Memphis, Egypt a crazy long time ago". Historians would be quick to point out that in the "crazy long time ago" period, there was no Memphis Egypt, but there we go again. . . 


  1. Yeah right Tom Brady, Katy Perry is twice the woman that Giselle is...


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