Latest Episode of Cinegeoff Podcast Sees Spike In Listeners, According to Donald Trump.

On Novermber 15, 2016 Ty Mclemore and Geoffrey Altrocchi - the creators, sponsors, producers, fathers, mothers and main contributors of the Cinegeoff Podcast - recorded an episode entitled,  “How Trump outmaneuvered the Left and the Media to Win”, which can be found here:

This was, of course, recorded just a week after Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and other candidates to become the 45th President of the United States.

Word came into Cinegeoff headquarters this week that the main subject of that Podcast, Trump himself, had listened to the podcast and was ECSTATIC over it. This was confirmed by various sources close to the Cinegeoff Podcast.

When asked what he thought of being the main subject of that particular episode, which in the past has focused on anything from Justin Beiber to the Occult, Trump responded:

“It’s great, just great! Quite possibly the best podcast . . . ever. .  .. “ Trump bellowed. “They chose a very timely and poignant topic! These two have their heads on tighter than the nambi pambi liberal media. They actually have something to say!”

When asked if he thought the podcast would attract thousands of listeners, Trump said, “Indeed. it will get at least a million. In fact, it already it has!” When asked if he could provide circumstantial proof, he deferred the question over to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who reiterated that it had.

When asked for proof, Spicer signaled that he had a timely appointment and sunk into a bush in the rose garden.

Back at Cinegeoff headquarters, Geoff was lifting weights and Ty was honing his knife-throwing skills. The two basked in what was clearly an imaginary audience of over a million listeners.

“If we actually had that many listeners,” Altrocchi said between reps, wiping sweat off of his brow, “we would have sponsors, our own studio, T-shirts and be vying to land on a major network!”

“Indeed,” McLemore said, while wiping the perspiration off of Geoff’s chest. “That was just Trump sounding his own horn, but we were certainly flattered that HE was flattered!”


  1. Hey guys, thanks for your note here. Can't wait until your next webisode comes out.

  2. Sean Spicer....I hope he has a strong woman behind him...


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