Cinegeoff Podcast Decides Against Inviting Donald Trump On Their Show...Fearing Atomic Levels of Level 5 Inappropriateness

The Cinegeoff Podcast, who let's face it, talks about Trump more than Justin Beiber and Sofia Vergara put together, considered inviting Trump to be a guest on their show at their studios in Burbank. Then they reconsidered. Here's the story of how it all went down:

The Cinegeoff Podcast, in the past, has interviewed luminaries like alien expert Stanton Friedman and superstar comedienne Alex Powers, as well as former child stars and people sitting next to them at the McDonalds where they sometimes record their podcasts.

But, suffice it to say that the Cinegeoff Podcast is always looking to up their interview game. Every week or so, they meet together to discuss what kind of guests they might want to book on their show.

“When we make our list of potential interviewees, we make a very big and enticing list, you know, like people Oprah and Piers Morgan would be going after, because, why not,” said Geoffrey Altrocchi, a co founder of the Cinegeoff Podcast.

Altrocchi and his partner Ty Mclemore figure that their easy-going, jocular style along with the fact that they don’t have an axe to grind with anyone, would make their podcast format attractive to … well...anyone...or as Gary Oldman would put it . . .

“Who wouldn’t want to get their version of their story out in their own way, while telling jokes and stories and relaxing and enjoying themselves?” Mclemore said, noting to Altrocchi that they should get ahold of Caitlynn Jenner’s people.

But, on a slow Tuesday afternoon when the biggest “get”, the biggest name who everyone is after, President Donald Trump was mentioned, there was an awkward pause in the Cinegeoff Podcast boardroom.

“I remember the first thing Mclemore said after Donald Trump’s name was mentioned was “my mother sometimes listens to this podcast,” Altrocchi said.

Mclemore and Altrocchi are not beholden to any one agenda or any level of decency or indecency on their podcast. But as they started talking more about it, they realized that they both were worried about Donald Trump’s uncanny ability to make any situation inappropriate and awkward.

“And we love awkward over here,” Altrocchi said. “Awkward makes for good podcasting, but Trump just has this ability to say things you wouldn’t even say at a friend’s home, in his sound-proof garage, after doing eight lines of coke, with the television playing loudly, in a foreign language that no one else understood! I mean, he says things that wouldn’t even pass in Charlie Sheen’s limo at five in the morning, after the angels have passed out, or like the Raider’s locker room, or even a Rammstein production meeting!”

“I mean, I used to work construction and we wouldn’t go within ten miles of some of the things Trump says,” Altrocchi said, visibly upset and blushing. "A lot of those construction guys are decent, god-fearing men who love their mammas and who love their wives!"

Mclemore added with a smile, “I don’t even mind if he wants to grab this podcast by the p***sy. But if he starts talking about how hot his daughter is or how he’d like to, you know...excuse me,” Mclemore was unable to finish his sentence as he ran to the bathroom with his hand over his mouth.

“Yeah, I just think that Courtney Love, or someone like that, Madonna, you know, Caitlynn Jenner, anyone of those people would be much better guests because we don’t have showers in the Cinegeoff Podcast studios, and Donald Trump makes me want to take a shower after he talks,”  Alltrocchi said.


  1. Hey whatever man, my wife is so beautiful, and I could find an open receiver in a radio show, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what you guys have against winners, you know. If Hilary wanted to win so badly, she should have cheated, you know.

  2. He really wanted to be with you? Is that it?


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