Director: Todd Phillips

 Lead Actors: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifinakis, Ken Jeong, John Goodman, Melissa Mccarthy

 Producer: Daniel Goldberg

 Plot Synopsis:

Mr. Chow has broken out of prison Shawshank Redemption - through the sewage pipes. This can only mean trouble. Meanwhile Alan, Galifinakis' character, is going through some hard times at home. A surrogate to his rich family, his latest action was to buy a giraffe and then later cause a 30-car pile up when the giraffe's head is decapitated on a low-lying bridge.

Then, Alan's father, who is the father from Arrested Development, dies of a heart attack brought on by his son's strange beahvior.

This leads to a family intervention for Alan and a decision to take him to some sort of rehab center in the middle of the desert in Arizona. But Alan insists that his "wolf pack" take him there.

In the middle of the trip, the car is high jacked - and that's when the fun starts.

Who Would Like It
The theatre I watched it in, everyone liked it. They were having fun with it. It is a multi million dollar hey ride. These guys could do anything. They had the money and the green light and the power. There was cock- fighting and breaking into mansions and everything in between. Fans of Mr. Chow definitely got a lot of Chow.

Who Might not Like it

Lovers of plot, good acting and any kind of continuity. John Goodman was wasted here, as was Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham. This movie was about Alan and Chow. Good thing though because they were great. Let's face it, this movie was the third installment of a franchise and they ran out of trouble for the Wolf Pack to get into.

                                         Hangover 3 wolfpack is a shadow of its former self!
Top Scenes:
Galifinakis whaling after his intervention in emotion and gried reminded me of the famous youtube clip of the guy whaling.

Chow was also great as a Cocained sleepless criminal mastermind, I really enjoyed that. Let's face it, you have to set your thinking cap down to enjoy this movie. Just strap in, numb your brain cells with candy and pop corn, and enjoy it! Two Mike and Ikes.

CHOW was epic! Ultimate bad ass! He took a knife to one of the characters and said "move and I cut open his artery!"
Geoffrey Altrocchi

Galafanakis is one of the greatest actors of his generation.
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Bradley Cooper was pointless other than to have a straight-laced alpha male in there. His dialogue was aweful! He did have one funny line though when Chow was doing karaoke in a dive bar in Mexico, "what exactly am I watching?"
Geoffrey Altrocchi

Not sure what this poster has to do with any of the movie . . . other than the need to show the lead actors in cool suits. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Cool masks and they made for a good movie poster . . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Director Todd Phillipps has yet to prove himself in my mind.. . .
Geoffrey Altrocchi

The giraffe scene was great in the beginning. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

This was a good scene when Chow's cocks get out of control. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

I think this guy is a great actor.
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Definitely a funny opener. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Guest superstar John Goodman. . .

Galafanakis was relied upon in this movie to deliver all the funny lines. While he is a great actor, he is better than being the out-of-control fat guy role inherited from Chris Farley and John Candy. I think Galafanakis sold himself short in this one. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

Women are very unimportant in the world of HO 3. . .
-Geoffrey Altrocchi

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  1. On the subject of hijacking, this insipid and mindless disaster should have been commandeered by the execs at Warner Bros. and never shown the light of day.

    I DEVELOPED a hangover the moment I sat in my overpriced seat and the realization came that NO amount of alcohol could numb the effects of its absurdity.


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