Lead Actors: Tom Cruise, Andrea Risebrough

Director: Joseph Kosinoski

Producer: Jess Berger

Plot Synopsis:
This movie was a great concept. It started off very interesting. Tom Cruise plays Jack, who as far as we can tell in the beginning is stationed with a live-in, beautiful, sexy female communications assistant, played wonderfully by Andrea Risebrough.

We learn that they are stationed somewhere just above Earth's atmosphere in the year 2072, and their job is to monitor two large reverse damns that import water from what's left of Planet Earth to a new planet that supposedly all Earthlings are to transition to very soon.

The idea being that Earth has been attacked by aliens who took out its moon, which caused massive earthquakes and tidal waves.

So Jack, on his daily missions, drops through Earth's cloud system past the Ozone layer into Earth on his sleek space ship every day to maintain drones, who are robotic security devices assigned to these reverse damns.

There is . . . we learn . . . some force resisting this relocation of what's left of the human race . . .

Andrea Riseborough

Who Would Like It
Science fiction fans. Tom Cruise fans (nothing can stop this guy from making compelling movies, not high profile divorces, scandal and religious backlash).

Who Might not Like it
Tom Cruise haters. People who need a good plot from beginning to end . .  I personally felt it fell apart near the middle. Also, I thought Morgan Freeman's performance was terrible and not needed. I am not excited that this is the first time these two have been together in a movie. I personally don't think that's a big deal at all. When Morgan Freeman entered the movie, that is when it fell apart!

The Art Direction is Oscar-Worthy. Cruise and his assistant's headquarters are to die for and I could see someone rich demanding that their beach house be designed this way.

Also, some of the shots with Cruise and Kurylenko on planet Earth, especially some scenes in the desert, reminded me of a high-fashion art spread in Vogue or a similar type of magazine. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

is wonderful. She is subtly sexual, motherly and robotic at the same time. Her interior struggle with headquarters, managing the boyish Jack whom she clearly has some feelings for and her duties and almost masterful. She wasn't wasted but I hope to see her in a movie soon with a more cohesive plot.

Top Scenes
I enjoyed Jack's bumpy descents into Earth's atmosphere. There is a scene when Morgan Freeman lights a match in a cave to reveal himself which is a joke. It seriously is very cheesy. I fell off my seat laughing because of its unintended cheesiness.


  1. Mr. Altrocchi, the bubble headed, dim witted Olga Kurylenko wasn't the only one on "Cruise" control in this hideous, sci-fi meltdown that should have been mothballed months before news of its release was leaked.

    Tom was clearly on autopilot and no amount of high tech imagery could have saved his wretched career from falling to even deeper depths.

    Freeman was the only saving grace in this harrowing excuse of a motion picture.

  2. Kristina BarringtonJune 4, 2013 at 6:29 PM

    I thought this movie was epic. NEVER hurts to have the always hot and physically attractive Cruise on board.

    I've wished for years that I could be his lover, but that is another story for another day.

  3. Kristina, I urge you to go for it, because given his continuous slide from popular appeal and his well-publicized divorce from America's girl Katie Holmes and his questionable child-rearing skills, I would say no one else wants to touch him.


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