Friends With Kids

Director: Jennifer Westfeldt

Lead Actors: John Hamm, Kristen Wig, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott

Produced by
Joshua Astrachan.... producer
Riza Aziz.... producer
Kathryn Dean.... co-producer
Lucy Barzun Donnelly.... producer
Joe Gatta.... executive producer
Jon Hamm.... producer
Jake Kasdan.... producer
Joey McFarland.... producer
Mike Nichols.... executive producer
John Sloss.... executive producer
Jennifer Westfeldt.... producer

Plot Synopsis
     A group of eight hipster college buddies who had the advantage to settle down in the beautiful and glamorous upper east side of Manhattan have it all: looks, great jobs, and each other. They are a good earnest group of friends who know each other well. Two of them, John Hamm and Kristen, who not even the unobservant movie goer can ignore are revisiting tangible sexual wierdness first founded in the summer hit Bridesmaids. Another throw back to Bridesmaids was the coupling of Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd as another one of these power couples.

In one of the first scenes they all look great and happy and don't have kids. Then two of the couples have kids and they seem miserable, at least to a charming and Woody Allenesque Adam Scott and a delightful Jennifer Westfeldt, who also directed and wrote this delightful piece.

These two play flirty friends who know everything there is to know about each other. THEN they decide to share a kid. Wow! THEN they move in together. But only to Scott's character can still indulge his high school fantasies of dating Chicago chorus girls, one of them played sveldtly by Megan Fox.

Who Would Like it and Why
If you're a fan of relationship comedies or Woody Allen movies, you would like this.

Who Might not Like it
During this time in our nation, the Great Depression II, it is a little hard to watch people who their biggest problem is which restauarant to go to.

John Hamm is amazing in this with his acting chops

Top Scenes
The main actor wrestling with a poop stained kid, while his "mother" in the relationship goes on a date. Sort of revenge from the night before when he did the same to her!