Cinegeoff Podcast: Equal Opportunity Offender

Cinegeoff Podcast, a popular Los Angeles podcast, has declared comedy war on everyone.

"Everyone bro, look it up!" assured podcaster Geoffrey Altrocchi when asked by reporters if that meant women and children. "For the record, I think women and children are just begging to be made fun of!"

Ty McLemore, Altrocchi's partner in crime on the podcast, announced that even midgets, while small and difficult to find, would not escape the jokes, funny half truths and altogether witty exchanges that go on in the podcast. 

A taste of Geoff and Ty's handiwork can be sampled here:

"We find it especially funny how high their voices are," McLemore assured.

The Podcast, which is over 2-years-old now, and has garnered critical praise, or rather has garnered criticism from those who listen to it, is centered around entertainment and making fun of the news. The podcast also takes a special kind of relish (but hold the tomato) in pointing out the eccentricities of Los Angeles.

When asked if this comedy Chinese star would spare Mclemore and Altrocchi, Mclemore simply declared, "no way man.". 

"We are both fully prepared to make fun of one another, if need be," Altrocchi said, sizing Ty up, most likely thinking of a possible burn. 

"Oh, I've been saving up some lyrical, comedy ammo since the first day I met this clown," McLemore assured.

McLemore is a living, walking and talking Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He's so white I asked him for insurance quotes the first time I met him," Altrocchi said of his outwardly African-American comedy partner. "He's SO white that the NAACP revoked his Black card. They say he can reapply for it in 2017."

Asked whether or not the two were ready for the backlash from the over-politically correct and sensitive world they live in, both McLemore and Altrocchi said they have an action plan.

"We call the groups right after we offend them and turn ourselves in. It seems to build up a sort of good will. If we offend an ethnic group or something, we call them up and tell them what we said, then we describe how we are going to punish ourselves. Sometimes this creates a weird sort of S&M vibe, but it all makes for fantastic podcasting," Altrocchi said.

Legendary radio man Howard Stern, when asked if he was afraid of the mad cap comedy waves that Altrocchi and McLemore were making, denied knowing who they were . . . 

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