American Hustle

Director: David O. Russel

Lead Actors: Usual Suspects


Plot Synopsis: Fat, balding con man Irving Rosenfeld's greatest con possibly was convincing Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence's characters to fall in love with him and fight over him. We meet Rosenfeld, played by Christian Bale, as he is seducing Amy Adams' character Sydney Prosser.

Prosser, we find out, is as much or more of a capable con artist than Rosenfeld. As such, she uses her two most deadly tools - her cleavage. Every dress or outfit Adams wears throughout the entire movie seems to be split right down to the waste and does very little to hide Adams' braless chest. This is simply one aspect of late 1970s excess on display in David O. Russel's take on Abscam.

In reality though, Abscam plays second fiddle to strong character performances. In addition to Rosenfeld and Prosser, who form a formidable team, there is Rosalyn Rosenfeld - Rosenfeld's legitimate wife. She stays home all day with her son and burns things down on accident. She is beautiful and smarter and more capable than she gives herself credit for.

Then comes the Mayor of Camden New Jersey, played convincingly by Jeremy Renner who played Archer in the Avengers. Then last, and certainly not least, is Bradley Cooper, an FBI agent with a minor cocaine problem and a major self esteem problem. Add desperation to this recipe and mix, this gives you American Hustle.

Who Would Like it and Why
Fans of David O. Russel. This director is really coming into his own. Jennifer Lawrence is at her best. Amy Adams does well. Renner is surprisingly good.

Who Might not Like it and Why
I personally felt that Bale's Rosenfeld was too reflective and weighed by moral dilemma to be a good con man. He seemed to be watching things unravel rather than take action. Also, the plot moves fast so you have to pay attention.

Highlights/Top Scenes
Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are both beautiful. Adams does a good job playing a conflicted con woman. Renner does a great job playing the mostly innocent mayor. His relationship with Rosenfeld is believable.

(Spoiler Alert)Deniro does a magnificent cameo.


  1. The ultimate HUSTLE was in Bale convincing the studio execs to allow his wretched, forlorn career to continue in the form of another movie.

    After his dismal, depressing and unbelievable turn in The Dark Knight, I sincerely hoped he would have fallen on his own sword.


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