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And totally about doctor Ruth. -- Insomniac -- Kelly -- -- the box office this weekend starring funny election Ellison who has finally help Leary is. She's all that shows she really is when they're TV shows -- -- -- So -- really.
-- -- That he picked in that. But -- -- -- -- -- last year to tell us -- the movie is worth your time and money. Is that what it only digital news associate Amanda van Allen Amanda welcome back to the -- -- -- Sees -- that one and only title that.
Yeah yeah I don't original yeah. You recognize I have to say at the box office as they get -- public I was -- I'll I think that was -- -- Melissa McCarthy is usually hilarious and she was really funny in this movie but there are a lot of points resident theater for about 1520 minutes and I didn't laugh. That's not a comment because they would do what they were doing wasn't funny of the movie got to be more serious and it.
The movie got to -- -- little bit too -- you know how people have those criticism not comedies like you know there's too much comedy that was enough storyline of this. Flat with vastly different than that there was -- too -- -- MRI and not enough comedy there reports I was fracking. Cracking up that was so funny but most of its time -- Wisconsin I like okay.
It was a next joke side. -- radio. What's the general gist here in the west they're just in the film is that Melissa McCartney isn't stealing and Jason Bateman identity and she's going on shopping spree isn't she just -- -- her mind with his belt with his money.
And finally he goes and he catches her and he's trying to bring her back to get an exchange that its size as part of the road trip they're so let's let's listen -- clicks out of. And it won't as -- fireman. -- -- -- -- -- -- pretty.
Many in tears she doesn't care accident last year and he injured his help aren't there to strip it down they. And now he can't -- people -- -- five letters and who was simply stated. It's -- if I -- we knew -- -- -- history to see.
She -- little funny parts at about two war and the movie yeah. See that movie if you want to laugh about

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