The Dark Knight Rises

Director: Christopher Nolan

Lead Actors: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard


Plot Synopsis
On the eighth anniversary of "Harvy Dent Day", Commissioner Gordon rethinks whether or not the whole myth around Dent was a good idea, as it put the real hero, batman, in a dark light. This lie has kept batman and Bruce Wayne hidden even further in the shadows.

Gotham has celebrated several years of low crime rates due to the work done by Harvy Dent, when he was not "Two Face" and Batman. But, as always in Nolan's Gotham - trouble is a brewing. This time, it's underground with a new foe for batman - Bane!

Who Would Like it and Why
Everybody. Tons of action and plot development Great acting by all the key players and the supporting players. Action sequences to die for. The opening sequence was one of the best of all time!

Who Might not Like It and Why
Those sensitive to gun violence or other types of violence. Especially in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shootings wherein 12 people died at the premiere of a midnight Batman showing. Several people have linked the violence of Nolan's past three batmans to the violence of the real life shootings. This has also caused Hollywood itself to reflect on the effect its movies has on children and impressionable young adults.

Top Scenes
The opening plane high jacking scene was incredible and I sure hope that scene has no real life copy cats. Any scene with Ann Hathaway or Gary Oldman, as they both steal the show! There is also a scene wherein a running back for Gotham's football team - yes Gotham has a football team - runs a touchdown in as the ground explodes beneath him. He then looks back at the wreckage after he scores. This would be good for any team's promo video!

Some of Batman's new gear, such as his new plane, are great. There is also a prison sequence that is a small movie in and of itself wherein Batman must learn to trust himself all over again in order to escape. This bit was very inspiring!

All in all, this movie was a real coup and very entertaining. Too bad the intersection with the immeasurable tragedy in Colorado, but don't let that dampen your enjoying this movie! Just the way once you got over Heath Ledger's death, you could enjoy the Dark Knight Rises as a truly great movie! This one is not far behind.


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  2. The title alone in this abominable, nearly 3-hour train wreck suggests a late '70s porn romp thru the seedy side of West Hollywood.

    The cheesy-ness of the 1960s TV series is refreshing compared to the seriousness and sense of foreboding that is so prevalent throughout this movie.

    One can only hope that THIS dark night mercifully falls on his sword.

  3. Yes but Ann Hathaway was ravishing as the cat woman!


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