Black Snake Moan

Review by Ty McLemore


Craig Brewer

Lead Actors

Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake


Stephanie Allain, John Singleton and Ron Schmidt

Plot synopsis

Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson) is an honest, bible-fearing, crop growing man who is currently estranged from his wife amidst a sea of marital problems. On a routine trip to empty his trash, he encounters the town tramp, Rae, (Christina Ricci) who is badly beaten, half-naked and barely conscious on a dirt road near his property.

 He whisks her inside and over the next several days nurses her back to health. Once awake and well, Rae thanks him for the hospitality and attempts to leave – only to discover that she has been chained to a radiator heater in his home. Lazarus, in his own twisted way, attempts to save her and put an end to her nympho-maniacal tendencies.

While in captivity over the next several weeks, Rae develops a father-daughter relationship with him. She was raised by a non-caring mother and a stepfather who sexually abused her as a child. In the end, they both help each other repair their souls and their lives.

Who Would Like It

Anyone who is a fan of Jackson, Ricci, or Timberlake or who desires to see Ms. Ricci topless or scantily dressed throughout most of the movie. This is actually my FAVORITE Jackson film in that he isn’t the tough guy here, but rather a simple, kind-hearted man trying to navigate a world that he often doesn’t understand.

Who Might Not Like It

Those who have sensitivity toward people being held in captivity or dislike violence or profanity.  


Rae’s utter shock as she stands and discovers that a chain has been wrapped around her waist is priceless – as is Jackson’s attempt to explain her predicament.


In another, Rae’s “Sickness” as it is often referred to, reaches its threshold as she has now been without sex for quite some time. A teenage friend of Lazarus comes calling to his home. Unsure whether Lazarus is inside, he knocks at the door. Rae, in anticipation of easy prey, anxiously awaits his entrance. The youngster turns the handle and the moment he enters, Rae pounces on him like a panther in heat.

Lazarus returns to find the two in mid-act and verbally scolds them. Later in the garage, he confesses to the teen that he lost HIS virginity to his second cousin.


In another, Lazarus retrieves his electric guitar during a stormy night. Rae, who has now been freed, willfully lays at his feet while he belts out a soulful, gut-wrenching blues song. Jackson, who is an accomplished musician, actually wrote and performed the song. 


  1. J. L. PenningtonJuly 1, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    Mr. McLemore, your feeble attempt at recommending quality, in-depth movies to the mostly uneducated masses is pathetic.

    And HOW exactly does Lazarus redeem himself? By chaining a half-naked, half-conscious and half-witted, bubble-headed, blonde slut to his radiator heater?

    This drivel you call a review isn't fit to print and line my birdcage with.

  2. Mr. Pennington, I won't waste space in dignifying your idiotic remarks. Movies, like many things in life, are subjective.

    Having said that, I think you need to be SUBJECTED to a frontal lobe lobotomy . . . and post haste.

  3. Listen, Cristina Ricci is the other white meat as face as I'm concerned!

  4. I don't know about white meat, but she sure is eye candy for this self-proclaimed carpet muncher!!


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